In autumn our VisualEvents mobile version will premiere

We have advanced in the development of the mobile version of our virtual business platform VisualEvents. Thus, we expand exponentially the projection of our customers and the access to events and to contents live or recorded from any mobile device (smartphones and tablets).


En otoño estrenaremos la versión móvil de VisualEvents

Avanzamos en el desarrollo de la versión móvil de nuestra plataforma de negocio virtual VisualEvents. De esta forma ampliamos exponencialmente la proyección de nuestros clientes y el acceso a eventos y contenidos en directo o diferido, desde cualquier dispositivo móvil (smartphones y tablets).

VisualEvents is available in Euskera

At VisualMente we continue innovating and making improvements on our Virtual Business Platform “VisualEvents”, with the aim of providing solutions to our customers.

We are therefore happy to announce that VisualEvents is available in Euskera, which enables our customers to expand the scope of their marketing and communication, and have an ever more complete and usable Virtual Environment. In this way we continue expanding on the multi language feature of our platform. More languages are coming soon.

VisualEvents ya está disponible en Euskera

En VisualMente seguimos innovando y realizando mejoras en nuestra plataforma de negocio virtual VisualEvents, con el objetivo de proporcionar soluciones integrales a nuestros clientes.

Por ello nos alegra anunciar que VisualEvents ya está disponible también en Euskera, lo que permitirá a nuestros clientes ampliar el alcance de sus acciones de marketing y comunicación, así como contar con un entorno virtual cada vez más completo y usable. De esta forma seguimos profundizando en la característica multi-idioma de nuestra plataforma, que pronto contará con la implementación de nuevos idiomas para comodidad del usuario final.

New live events with PGR +

We return with live sessions organized by PGR +, a leading relationship marketing agency in the IT sector. This time, they have used our virtual event platform “VisualEvents”,to create three webinars promoted by Fujitsu, two of them together with Intel and a third with NetApp.

The 3 sessions are focused on the latest technological solutions in the area of servers and storage systems. We will broadcast live presentations from experts, and attendees can ask questions online, download documents and interact with the other participants. Later, the presentations will be available for deferred viewing for one month.

If you want to access, please register:

–          June 7. 10 AM. Fujitsu – Intel. New generation of PRIMERGY servers (client). Register / event page.

–          June 7. 11 AM. Fujitsu – Intel. New generation of PRIMERGY servers (sales channel). Register / event page.

–          June 13. 10 AM. Fujitsu – NetApp. ETERNUS CS800 device. Register / event page

Nuevos eventos en directo de la mano de PGR+

Volvemos con las sesiones en directo organizadas por PGR+, compañía líder en marketing relacional en el sector de las TIC. En esta ocasión han contado con nuestra plataforma de soluciones virtuales, VisualEvents, para realizar tres webinars impulsado por Fujitsu, dos de ellos junto a Intel y un tercero junto a NetApp.

Las 3 sesiones están enfocadas a las últimas soluciones tecnológicas en materia de servidores y sistemas de almacenamiento. Se emitirán en directo ponencias de expertos y los asistentes podrán realizar sus preguntas online, así como interactuar con el resto de participantes y descargar documentación de interés. Posteriormente las ponencias se mantendrán en diferido durante un mes.

Si quieres verlo de primera mano, no dudes en registrarte:

New alliance to offer a comprehensive service

PGR + Marketing & Technology company leader in relationship marketing in the IT sector and VisualMente company specializing in the design and content development and virtual environments for communication, have decided to combine their knowledge to offer comprehensive services to manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers of IT customers.

What does this full service give?

PGR + helps to attract new prospective customers through the provision of the largest database specialist (PGR CIO B2B and PGR Reseller B2B) with the ability to segment the market: Enterprise, Mid-Market and Small and medium-sized companies. Later, in collaboration with VisualMente and through its VisualEvents platform, it helps organizations to develop events and online spaces where people can meet, attend broadcast conferences and launch online products, in order to drive them to develop new business.

The exhaustive monitoring control of VisualEvents platform in the registrations of the events helps to generate networking, communication and exchange. It also subsequently allow PGR + to analysis and qualify assistants in order to offer their clients a select range of business opportunities with highly qualified sales visits that can be turn into effective sales.